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Parents and teachers can take advantage of this by using literature as a vehicle for teaching and consolidating understanding. Literature can highlight concepts, act as a springboard to new math learning, stimulate discussion, or provide alternate explanations of a concept. It can make mathematical concepts more accessible, as it puts math into a meaningful context, provides visual aids for the students, and encourages communication, helping to support all learners.

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Search a list of recommended books. I have purposely selected ones I feel are most effective for teaching math concepts and sparking kids’ interest. The list is not all encompassing, but I am always reading new books as they are released and scouring libraries to add great finds.

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Jessica Spanyol

Carlo the giraffe absolutely loves counting, and counts every place he goes—the coffee shop, the toy store, the park, the backyard. The simple text, along with the illustrations, invite children to point and count on each page along with Carlo. What is extra special about this counting book, though, is that there is never just one group of objects on the page for a particular number, but quite a few groups…

Cathryn Falwell

In this counting book (numbers 1-10), a family works together to create a feast. They all shop, cook, and set the table so that everyone can enjoy the big meal. The numerals throughout are large and clear, and are paired with the word name for the number along with the objects being counted…

Pat Hutchins

Rosie the hen leaves her coop to set out on a walk. Unbeknownst to her, a fox is quietly following, trying to catch up to her. Her relaxing walk eventually leads her back to the coop, blissfully ignorant of the fox’s unsuccessful attempt to navigate the obstacle course she inadvertently led him through. This book is a great way to illustrate the positional words ‘over’, ‘under’, ‘around’, and ‘through’ while engaging young readers…

Dayle Ann Dodds

Dodds uses rhyming and bright, clear illustrations to show how simple shapes can be put together to create new, more complex things like boats and houses. The collage art illustrations help to encourage children to start to see the world around them as a series of shapes. Kids can duplicate what they see in the book, or make their own creations with shapes using construction paper, felt, or other materials…

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