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Parents and teachers can take advantage of this by using literature as a vehicle for teaching and consolidating understanding. Literature can highlight concepts, act as a springboard to new math learning, stimulate discussion, or provide alternate explanations of a concept. It can make mathematical concepts more accessible, as it puts math into a meaningful context, provides visual aids for the students, and encourages communication, helping to support all learners.

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Search a list of recommended books. I have purposely selected ones I feel are most effective for teaching math concepts and sparking kids’ interest. The list is not all encompassing, but I am always reading new books as they are released and scouring libraries to add great finds.

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Stuart J. Murphy

This book introduces rounding as a way to estimate sums of several addends. A group of coyotes at a desert ranch try to count all of the different types of animals around the ranch (roadrunners, lizards, grasshoppers)…

Stuart J. Murphy

This book uses dinosaur trading cards at a trading fair to discuss equivalent values. Mike and his brother Andy are trying to acquire a T-Rex card, and have to make several trades and deals in order to get it…

Stuart J. Murphy

The bugs in gym class are learning a new dance, but the poor centipede can′t get it right! He must learn the directions left, right, forward and backward in order to learn the dance. Using fun, colorful bugs…

Stuart J. Murphy

As a rabbit and his mother walk through the grocery store, putting food in their cart, they compare the amounts of carrots, worms, and peanuts that are in their cart to the amounts in other carts. The book introduces concepts like more, fewer, and same…

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