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As parents, you may have noticed less emphasis on algorithms and memorization in mathematics and more emphasis on “sense-making” since the time when we were kids in elementary school. A big piece of this process is using manipulatives– toys that are used as teaching tools to engage students in the hands-on learning of math– in the classroom.   […]

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Making good choices about children’s literature is key to the value of incorporating stories into mathematics learning. An appropriate story can be used to support the introduction or further development of a concept, to outline a problem to be solved, and/or to consolidate learning. This is because a problem-solving context is much more convincing when […]

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Children love stories. Parents and teachers can take advantage of this by using literature as a vehicle for teaching math and consolidating understanding. Children’s literature can highlight concepts, act as a springboard to new math learning, stimulate discussion, or provide alternate explanations of a concept. It can make mathematical concepts more accessible, as it puts […]

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