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I created this site with community in mind. I wanted to connect parents and teachers so that everyone could learn from each other, support one another, and help each other apply what they learn. I hope for it to be a hub through which you can share and feel a kinship with others who are guiding young students in their math education.

I do my best to moderate and guide people to helpful resources, and encourage others to do the same!

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Got an Awesome Idea? Want Some Advice? I’m All Ears!
I am here for you and want to provide you with more information or create an effective solution for your instructional needs. So, please send me any questions you have.

And, I hope you’ll reach out to share. I’d love to hear:  

Ideas/ Suggestions About the Site Are there additions or changes you’d like to see? What would you like to be different about this site?  How can I make it better?
Product Recommendations Have I left out a great product you think others would appreciate or benefit from?
Ideas for Content/ Article Suggestions What do you want to learn about that I haven’t touched on yet? Are there authors you’d love me to interview or questions you have about teaching? What can I expand on?
Challenges/ Successes What works for you and what hasn’t worked?
Testimonials Has the site helped you? Do you enjoy the content?


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I want to get the conversation started!
Join in and add your thoughts to the mix. We can all learn from each other.

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I can lead a custom program for parents and/or teachers about incorporating literature and games in math education.

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