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Use the search filters below to return results. Keep an eye out for some of my top favorites-- my "BookSmart Picks"-- that are sure to entertain and educate your kids! And, many activities use common materials you likely have at home already. Look for entries marked with the "Common Items" icon to find activities that shouldn't require any purchase.

Once rounding has been introduced to your child, this dice game serves as good practice for rounding to various place values. For third graders, stick to just rounding to tens and hundreds (a bit easier for them to visualize), and for fourth graders…

This card game is fantastic for pushing kids to think flexibly and show perseverance. Challenge kids to focus on number patterns instead of simply the suits of the cards…

This simple, quick card game gives kids some good practice with recognizing even and odd numbers. Talk with them about how they know whether a number is odd or even, and what pattern they see with even and odd numbers…

This card game offers engaging multi-digit multiplication practice. As an added bonus, it requires some thinking about place value, as players aim to create the largest possible product…

Math Twister uses the classic game Twister to incorporate movement and practice with math facts—a great combination! With just the game and some post-its, your child can build their fact fluency with all four operations…

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Keep an eye out for my top favorites— my BookSmart Picks!

Many activities use common materials you likely have at home already.

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