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Math games are a perfect way to reinforce and extend the skills your child has learned at school— they are fun, engaging, and enable you to see how your child is progressing. Games allow children to experience success, enjoyment, active involvement, and gain confidence in their mathematical abilities. Not only are games motivating, but they help develop positive attitudes toward math, as they are low-stakes and reduce the fear of failure. Furthermore, games give kids opportunities to explore math concepts as well as deepen their understanding— seeing patterns, relationships, and strategies.

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Search a list of recommended games. I have purposely selected ones I feel are especially effective for teaching math concepts and sparking kids’ interest. And, I am continually seeking out new game ideas and products that will bring out your child’s playfulness and encourage strategic thinking.

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Similar to the card game War, players battle it out by flipping over their cards. In this case, though, the largest difference wins…

Once rounding has been introduced to your child, this dice game serves as good practice for rounding to various place values. For third graders, stick to just rounding to tens and hundreds (a bit easier for them to visualize), and for fourth graders…

This card game is fantastic for pushing kids to think flexibly and show perseverance. Challenge kids to focus on number patterns instead of simply the suits of the cards…

This simple, quick card game gives kids some good practice with recognizing even and odd numbers. Talk with them about how they know whether a number is odd or even, and what pattern they see with even and odd numbers…

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