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Use the search filters below to return results. Keep an eye out for some of my top favorites-- my "BookSmart Picks"-- that are sure to entertain and educate your kids! And, many activities use common materials you likely have at home already. Look for entries marked with the "Common Items" icon to find activities that shouldn't require any purchase.

This number bingo game helps kids develop their counting and addition skills, as well as number sense and number word recognition. Players must match number tiles to images on their cards, and the first player with a full card wins by yelling out, “Zingo!” Adding extra fun is sliding the zinger to get your next number to match…

In this fun, colorful game, an inventor has built dozens of robot bodies, but needs help matching the heads to the bodies. Using the Robot Randomizer, players determine the attributes of the matching head and search the board for that particular head. With everyone searching at once, it’s a race to find the matching head and score a token…

What a classic! In this game, the object is to follow a pattern of lights and sounds: watch, remember, and repeat. Players must keep track of the color/ light pattern and repeat it by pressing the colored buttons in the correct order. The sequence gets longer as well as faster as the game goes on…

A Mensa Select Award winner, Qwirkle is a great game for little ones up to adults. The object of the game is simple: build lines of tiles that match either by color or by shape. While the rules are simple and easy to explain, it is a good game to build a child’s strategic thinking and use increasingly tricky tactical maneuvers…

Origami is a fun way to work on geometric and spatial reasoning, and even help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This particular kit has easy to follow instructions for the different creations, along with fold marks on the papers for easy folding. It comes with everything you need to create 40 origami animals…

Send your child on the hunt for specific shapes and angles, whether around the house, in the yard, at the park, or even while out running errands.

This is a great activity to get your child thinking about weight and balance, since the mobile won’t work very well without balancing out the weight.

In this activity, you will be demonstrating the types of shapes that sink and those that float. Your child can have fun sculpting boats with clay while also learning about displacement.

In this game, players aim to find addends to make a stated sum. This provides great practice not just with addition facts, but also with flexible thinking and strategizing.

In Guess My Number, players use math vocabulary to ask yes or no questions in order to determine a secret number. There are many ways to differentiate this math card game according to your child’s ability, using vocabulary and understanding of place value at their level.

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Keep an eye out for my top favorites— my BookSmart Picks!

Many activities use common materials you likely have at home already.

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