Discover alternative learning resources that will spark your child’s interest in math and lay out a path to success

Young students sometimes struggle or can become bored and feel unchallenged with math.

So, we share interactive tools that support and reinforce what your child is already doing in school, but further unlock imagination and curiosity, allowing for deeper connections with the material.

Take an active role in your child’s learning, be self-assured as you guide their exploration of math, and, ultimately, feel proud for their growth and accomplishments.

Latest Additions

In this bus-themed board game, children practice counting, addition, and subtraction skills. The objective of the game is to drive your double-decker bus through “town”, or around the game board, trying to pick up as many passengers as you can. However, there is some strategy involved…

Alice Briere-Haquet

A polar bear thinks that he is the tallest around. But then different animals step in and show him how when they work together, they are just as tall as him. For instance, two walruses show him that together they are the same height, and then three foxes show the same…

Helaine Becker

Katherine Johnson was an African-American mathematician who worked for NASA during the space race (you may know her from the movie or book Hidden Figures). This picture book follows Katherine from a young child who loved counting, to being a gifted student, to bringing her talents to NASA, and at every step repeating, “You can count on me.” She not only calculated the course of the moon landings…

Cheryl Bardoe

Sophie Germain demonstrated not only a love of math, but fierce determination in her quest to study it, eventually becoming the first woman to win a grand prize from the Academy of Sciences. As a girl, her parents took away her candles to keep her from studying math, and since women were not allowed to attend universities, she secretly obtained notes from math classes and completed work under a male pen name… but no matter what, nothing stopped Sophie…

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