Discover alternative learning resources that will spark your child’s interest in math and lay out a path to success

Young students sometimes struggle or can become bored and feel unchallenged with math.

So, we share interactive tools that support and reinforce what your child is already doing in school, but further unlock imagination and curiosity, allowing for deeper connections with the material.

Take an active role in your child’s learning, be self-assured as you guide their exploration of math, and, ultimately, feel proud for their growth and accomplishments.

Latest Additions

This simple, quick card game gives kids some good practice with recognizing even and odd numbers. Talk with them about how they know whether a number is odd or even, and what pattern they see with even and odd numbers…

This card game offers engaging multi-digit multiplication practice. As an added bonus, it requires some thinking about place value, as players aim to create the largest possible product…

Math Twister uses the classic game Twister to incorporate movement and practice with math facts—a great combination! With just the game and some post-its, your child can build their fact fluency with all four operations…

For those of you who have already played regular Boggle, learning this game will be easy! This card game is good practice for math facts, whether your child is working on addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. It also strengthens their ability to think flexibly, since they have to get creative with the Boggle board.

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