Discover alternative learning resources that will spark your child’s interest in math and lay out a path to success

Young students sometimes struggle or can become bored and feel unchallenged with math.

So, we share interactive tools that support and reinforce what your child is already doing in school, but further unlock imagination and curiosity, allowing for deeper connections with the material.

Take an active role in your child’s learning, be self-assured as you guide their exploration of math, and, ultimately, feel proud for their growth and accomplishments.

Latest Additions

David M. Schwartz

This fun book is great for proportional reasoning and use of ratios. Throughout the book, different scenarios are presented, showing what it would be like if you could hop like a frog, eat like a shrew, or flick your tongue like a chameleon. Mathematical and scientific explanations follow…

Stuart J. Murphy

A group of children want to help get the park ready for the Earth Day celebration. They decide to collect cans in order to earn money to plant flowers in the park. In counting the cans…

Claire Owen

This non-fiction book looks at several number systems throughout history and throughout the world, with a focus on place value. Questions for the reader are interspersed throughout the book…

Stuart J. Murphy

This book introduces rounding as a way to estimate sums of several addends. A group of coyotes at a desert ranch try to count all of the different types of animals around the ranch (roadrunners, lizards, grasshoppers)…

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