Discover alternative learning resources that will spark your child’s interest in math and lay out a path to success

Young students sometimes struggle or can become bored and feel unchallenged with math.

So, we share interactive tools that support and reinforce what your child is already doing in school, but further unlock imagination and curiosity, allowing for deeper connections with the material.

Take an active role in your child’s learning, be self-assured as you guide their exploration of math, and, ultimately, feel proud for their growth and accomplishments.

Latest Additions

Trisha Speed Shaskan

This book explains the meaning of the minus sign, as well as contexts in which it would be used. It shows how the minus sign can be used in different ways, either left to right or top to bottom, as well as uses word problems to show the use of the sign…

Stuart J. Murphy

Three bear cubs go out collecting ingredients for their mother’s pie. Each time they go out, they collect a single ingredient, and each time they return they group their collections into groups of ten and “left overs”…

Eve Merriam

Merriam uses related but different objects on each page to total eleven in different ways. This includes six peanut shells and five pieces of popcorn at the circus, three turtles, two frogs, one lily pad, and five dragonflies by the lake…

Stuart J. Murphy

Trucks are heading to build a carousel. Each truck holds something different, with a different number of objects. This book involves not only counting the items on each truck, but also adding them together…

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