Discover alternative learning resources that will spark your child’s interest in math and lay out a path to success

Young students sometimes struggle or can become bored and feel unchallenged with math.

So, we share interactive tools that support and reinforce what your child is already doing in school, but further unlock imagination and curiosity, allowing for deeper connections with the material.

Take an active role in your child’s learning, be self-assured as you guide their exploration of math, and, ultimately, feel proud for their growth and accomplishments.

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Stuart J. Murphy

The bugs in gym class are learning a new dance, but the poor centipede can′t get it right! He must learn the directions left, right, forward and backward in order to learn the dance. Using fun, colorful bugs…

Stuart J. Murphy

As a rabbit and his mother walk through the grocery store, putting food in their cart, they compare the amounts of carrots, worms, and peanuts that are in their cart to the amounts in other carts. The book introduces concepts like more, fewer, and same…

Stuart J. Murphy

Three small children want to dress up as firefighters, but the buttons are missing from their jackets. The three of them need to find a way of sorting the loose buttons they have that will give them three full sets of buttons for their jackets…

Stuart J. Murphy

Molly wants to play with her brother Kevin’s toy cars. Despite the fact that she’s not allowed to touch the cars, when he leaves the room she takes them down from the shelf where they have been neatly arranged and starts playing with them. Each time a parent comes in and catches her, she has to put them back on the shelf…

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