Bus Stop

In this bus-themed board game, children practice counting, addition, and subtraction skills. The objective of the game is to drive your double-decker bus through “town”, or around the game board, trying to pick up as many passengers as you can. However, there is some strategy involved! On each turn, the player rolls two dice (one white and one red). The player chooses to move their bus the number of spaces on the die of their choice. Each space a player can move to has either a plus sign or a minus sign on it. Depending on the space the player lands on, they then add or subtract the number of passengers on their bus based on the second die. So for example, if you roll a red 3 and a white 6, you may see that if you go 6 spaces ahead you will land on a minus sign, but if you go 3 spaces ahead you will land on a plus sign. And so, you decide to go 3 spaces forward based on your red die and then since you landed on a plus sign, you get to add 6 passengers based on your second, or white, die. Each bus can seat a total of ten passengers and the bus with the most passengers once everyone gets around the board, wins!


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