Buy It Right

Buy It Right helps to reinforce money skills—money recognition, adding, and making change. Players set prices and buy and sell items as they move around the game board. And with three levels of play, this game is great for multiple age levels. Players can opt to play with only the paper bills (level 1), only the coins (level 2), or both bills and coins (level 3). At levels 2 and 3, multiple dice are used, adding an extra layer of complexity with understanding place value. Players at these levels must decide in what order they want to place the amounts from the dice (ex: if they roll a 2 and a 6, do they want to make 26 cents or 62 cents). This can change depending on if they are rolling an amount that they have to pay and want to make the smallest amount possible or if they are rolling an amount that will determine how much they are to be paid and they want to make the largest amount. All of the coins and bills are accurate to size, though the coins are a little darker in color. Overall, this is a great game for learning about using money!


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