Coyotes All Around

Stuart J. Murphy

This book introduces rounding as a way to estimate sums of several addends. A group of coyotes at a desert ranch try to count all of the different types of animals around the ranch (roadrunners, lizards, grasshoppers). All but one of them tries to count them individually, while another coyote takes their individual counts and estimates the total by rounding each count. The book uses a number line for each count to show the closest round/ “friendly” number, focusing on rounding to the nearest ten. Throughout the book there are also desert-related facts about coyotes, lizards, grasshoppers, cacti, etc. This book is a good starting point for discussion of “friendly” numbers and mental calculations and a good time to revisit the 100 chart and number line to talk about what makes a “friendly” number. One activity that you can do with your child to practice this concept is use a deck of cards, and in partners take turns drawing two cards, put them together to make a two digit number (i.e. drawing a 5 and then an 8 would make 58), and then round that number to the nearest ten. 


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