Dave’s Down-to-Earth Rock Shop

Stuart J. Murphy

Dave owns a rock shop, and every time kids Amy and Josh visit, Dave’s shop window has rocks sorted in a different way, whether by size, color, or something else. The book follows Amy and Josh’s own collection and exploration of rock characteristics as they sort their own rocks in different ways. Throughout, there are a number of interesting facts about rocks and minerals that make the story more engaging. To accompany the book, children can share any of their own collectables like stickers, toy cars, coins stamps, etc and demonstrate strategies for sorting. Or, perhaps have your child sort a deck of cards in different ways—by suit, number, color, or whatever else they might come up with.  While the classification skills in this book are meant for pre-K and kindergarteners, with the interesting and slightly advanced rock facts, this could be good for first and second graders as well.


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