Just Enough Carrots

Stuart J. Murphy

As a rabbit and his mother walk through the grocery store, putting food in their cart, they compare the amounts of carrots, worms, and peanuts that are in their cart to the amounts in other carts. The book introduces concepts like more, fewer, and same, and lays out the comparisons very clearly at the bottom of each page, showing the amount that the rabbit and mother have, the amount that another animal has that is fewer, the amount that another animal has that is the same, and the amount that another has that is more. This book could be used as a jumping off point for these concepts and could lead to comparing the number of objects around them. For example, children could compare the number of red leaves, yellow leaves, and brown leaves in an area of the backyard, or compare the number of dolls versus the number of stuffed animals in his or her room.  


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