The Puddle Pail

Elisa Kleven

The Puddle Pail stars two crocodile brothers, Sol and younger brother Ernst. Sol loves collecting things, whether it’s rocks, feathers, or rubber bands, and he encourages Ernst to also start a collection of things that he finds interesting. However, Ernst struggles to find interesting items that he can actually collect; what he finds most interesting are the clouds or stars. But, undeterred by his older brother’s confusion, Ernst shows creativity and perseverance to collect what he enjoys the most—puddles and the items reflected in them. Ernst decides to gather the different kinds of puddles he finds, based on what they reflect, into his pail and later uses the water for his watercolor paintings of everything he saw. This is a wonderfully told story that demonstrates how siblings can bring different strengths and creative vision to the table, while also using problem solving skills.


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