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Use the search filters below to return results. Keep an eye out for some of my top favorites-- my "BookSmart Picks"-- that are sure to entertain and educate your kids! And, many activities use common materials you likely have at home already. Look for entries marked with the "Common Items" icon to find activities that shouldn't require any purchase.

There are not a lot of data games out there, but this is one way to practice creating line plots and discussing data in an engaging way. Ask your kids questions about the data they collect: What is the minimum? The maximum? What is the mode? The median? For older kids…

Use weather data to track the temperature over the course of a week or month. This is excellent practice for using a data chart, finding data landmarks, and creating a line graph.

Norton Juster

Milo is bored with his life until a tollbooth appears in his bedroom from out of nowhere. When he goes through it, he enters another world in which many of his adventures relate to math…

Claire Owen

Covering Costa Rica, the rainforest, and the local wildlife, this book includes data, arithmetic, and measurement…

Claire Owen

This book uses U.S. weather to cover area, elapsed time, data, and graphing…

Claire Owen

Using the topic of Australian animals, this book covers arithmetic, data, and graphing…

Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

The main character, a young girl, hears her teacher announce that everything can be thought of as a math problem, and suddenly feels she is under a math curse. She now sees everything in her life as a math problem…

Michelle Markel

As soon as Tyrannosaurus Math was born he started doing math in his everyday life. Throughout the book he uses arithmetic, skip counting, symmetry, graphing data, shapes, measurement, and estimation as he notices the world around him…

Stuart J. Murphy

Only one kid at camp gets to wear the grizzly costume in the end of camp parade, and several kids are vying for the spot. Using percentages and pie charts, the results of three polls as well as the final results are shown. It also reinforces throughout that 100% is the whole, in this case the whole camp…

Stuart J. Murphy

Taking place at a school picnic, this story explores combinations. A group of children have organized a sundae booth at the picnic, and allow others to pick out which flavors and which toppings they want, while Winnie (the adult) shows their choices on a large blackboard, displaying the possible combinations…

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Keep an eye out for my top favorites— my BookSmart Picks!

Many activities use common materials you likely have at home already.

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