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Use the search filters below to return results. Keep an eye out for some of my top favorites-- my "BookSmart Picks"-- that are sure to entertain and educate your kids! And, many activities use common materials you likely have at home already. Look for entries marked with the "Common Items" icon to find activities that shouldn't require any purchase.

This card game is fantastic for pushing kids to think flexibly and show perseverance. Challenge kids to focus on number patterns instead of simply the suits of the cards…

Math Twister uses the classic game Twister to incorporate movement and practice with math facts—a great combination! With just the game and some post-its, your child can build their fact fluency with all four operations…

For those of you who have already played regular Boggle, learning this game will be easy! This card game is good practice for math facts, whether your child is working on addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. It also strengthens their ability to think flexibly, since they have to get creative with the Boggle board.

This card game is a great way to practice kids’ understanding of both percents and division. And with a new percent for each round, kids can get varied practice in a single game…

Laura Overdeck

This book from the founder of Bedtime Math ( answers math questions covering a multitude of topics. It is quite helpful that the questions are organized by general topics: animals, nature, food, everyday life, Earth and space, and mental math. Some questions answered include: the number of bees needed to make a jar of honey, how fast the fastest growing tree on Earth actually grows…

Lauren Child

Charlie and Lola are getting ready to head to the store with their mom, where they will get to pick out one thing for themselves. As the two of them are getting ready, walking to the store, picking out their special treats, and walking home they encounter math all along the way. Lola is nine minutes late getting ready, the two of them count objects like ladybugs and steps, and Lola gives away her stickers as she heads home…

David A. Adler

This Halloween-themed book helps to teach the concept of a missing mystery number, or variable, and how to solve these algebraic problems. The book starts out simple, giving a foundational understanding of equations and what the equals sign means, as well as defining variables, while supporting all of this through the pictures…

These easy to use manipulatives simplify algebraic concepts for kids. You use the balance along with various game pieces to represent and then solve algebraic equations. Using the balance helps reinforce kids’ understanding of the equals sign meaning “same as”, as well as helps them understand what they are doing on paper to “balance” the equations and solve for the variable…

Use the weekly advertising circulars you get in the mail to help your child practice using decimals in arithmetic. Let them choose their favorite products and identify their prices then challenge them with different tasks using each of the operations.

Use restaurant menus to help your child practice working with money and decimals. Have fun role-playing as waiters and customers!

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Keep an eye out for my top favorites— my BookSmart Picks!

Many activities use common materials you likely have at home already.

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