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Use the search filters below to return results. Keep an eye out for some of my top favorites-- my "BookSmart Picks"-- that are sure to entertain and educate your kids! And, many activities use common materials you likely have at home already. Look for entries marked with the "Common Items" icon to find activities that shouldn't require any purchase.

Close to Zero is a great game for second graders or third graders. It helps children practice double-digit subtraction with special emphasis on understanding place value. The object of the game is to make a two-digit subtraction problem that comes as close to zero as possible.

This game is similar to Strategy Number Battle, but it adds in absolute value to the mix. It involves working with all four operations, positive and negative numbers, and encourages perseverance since it may require trying out different ways to get as close to zero as possible.

500 Shakedown is a fun way to practice subtraction (and a bit of addition) while also demonstrating an understanding of place value through the hundreds place or beyond.

This game is a mix of Integer Addition Number Battle and Name That Number. Not only is it good practice for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers, but it is also great for developing flexible thinking.

In this game, one of my favorites, players learn to build equations to reach numerical targets by using different operations to combine given numbers. It is so simple, yet requires good flexible thinking. What I also like about it is that while it can seem really challenging at first, you get better with practice so it encourages perseverance.

This is a fun game for flexibility with numbers since you can work with all four of the operations. Toss Up also encourages strategizing, as players have to think about when it’s best to add to their own score or subtract from another player’s score.

Use codes to motivate your child in practicing arithmetic. This can involve any or all of the operations, and all it requires is some paper and a pencil with just a bit of planning ahead. Your child will solve problems and then use the answers to decipher a code and uncover a secret message…

Norton Juster

Milo is bored with his life until a tollbooth appears in his bedroom from out of nowhere. When he goes through it, he enters another world in which many of his adventures relate to math…

Kathleen Karr

In 1860, at 15 years old, Simon decides to walk 1,000 turkeys from Missouri all the way to Denver, Colorado. He hears that turkeys sell for $5 a piece in Colorado, and so he buys all 1,000 turkeys from Mr. Buffey in Missouri for just $.25 a piece, hoping to make his fortune once he reaches Denver…

Louis Sachar

Interspersed with characters from the Wayside School series, this book offers math puzzles with explanations. This book is especially great if you have read any of the other Wayside School books because the puzzles are presented as if you’re in class with those characters, with comments and ideas from the kids in the class as they work to solve them…

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Keep an eye out for my top favorites— my BookSmart Picks!

Many activities use common materials you likely have at home already.

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