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In the interest of being clear to my audience and providing useful instructions for potential sponsors, I have listed policies of this site below. If there is anything you remain unclear about, please feel free to reach out.

Product Submissions
Please note that I do receive books and other products for review for free by publishers, authors, publicists, and third parties. I also review products that I purchase myself. For every resource I review, I will evaluate it honestly. If I don’t like something, you won’t find it on this site. But, if it’s a great, worthwhile product, I will add it to the site.

Authors/ Publishers: 
BookSmart Math accepts review requests for both picture books and chapter books for children, as well as for games, toys, and activities. If you think your product could be used to support math learning in some way, then we are more than happy to consider your request. Please be aware that if your product does not meet the standards of this site, it will not be included. And, know that I do not write typical “reviews” such as those found on many review blogs. Instead, I use and interact with the product and if I feel it will enhance math learning for grades Pre-K through 6, I add it to my list of educational resources along with a short summary. Parents and teachers consult this list to find the best books, games, toys, and activities appropriate for the grade level and topic of study for their children and students.   To get a sense of my format and the types of products that interest me, please take some time to browse my resource list, as well as to get acquainted with the general feel of my blog and site overall.   Due to the nature of these items and the ways in which children will interact with them, I prefer to receive physical copies for evaluation.   Please use the form below to contact me regarding submitting your product for review.

This site is sustained in part through sponsorship. Paid ads may appear as banners and text ads on the right sidebar. I do use affiliate links including Amazon Associates. When you click on those links, I earn a very small (and it’s very small) percentage.  I do not place paid promotional content within blog posts.


Sponsors may have their ad banners displayed on the right sidebar in exchange for a monthly payment. This system is transparent for my readers, and my advertisers seem pleased with the results as well. I encourage you to reach out to seek exposure for your company, product, or service on my site.   Please note that I do not place “native ads.” I do not publish sponsored content within blog posts. I reserve the right to decline sponsorship offers which I find unsuitable based on compatibility with my content.
Who Reads BookSmart Math?

BookSmart Math’s readers are made up of parents—especially mothers—of elementary school aged children, and teachers.

What Are BookSmart Math’s Statistics?

BookSmart Math receives considerable traffic and is continually growing and gaining popularity with loyal readership. Our e-newsletter readership is 1000+. We are continually searching for fresh and current ways to present content to the smart and engaged individuals that connect with our site. Advertising your business with us is a cost-effective way to reach potential consumers every month.

What Ad Placements or Sponsorship Opportunities Do You Have Available?

Ad Banners of multiple sizes, dedicated or endorsed eblast mailings, and giveways including products provided as prizes for endorsed contests promoted on the site are all ways to gain exposure by working with BookSmart Math.

Please use the form below to connect with me and learn more about how we can work together.

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If you have further questions or just want to reach out, please feel free to write me a message. I would love to hear from you. Let me know your ideas, suggestions, concerns—I am excited for the possibilities!

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